Being an Investment Fund with the mission of delivering a happy and prosperous life to all customers, partners and shareholders; Fibo Capital Vietnam always adheres to the system of investment criteria expressed from the point of view of profound and valuable investment in the market.

The investment perspectives of Fibo Capital Vietnam are considered as an appropriate explanation for the investment selection problem. This investment perspective system is the guideline for all activities of Fibo Capital Vietnam, as a basis for making strategic investment decisions. The criteria in the investment perspective are clearly planned, capable of reflecting on each project/enterprise to assess the feasibility in reality as well as predict the level of development in the future.

The investment perspective also reflects the vision of Fibo Capital Vietnam when focusing on projects/enterprises capable of sustainable development and stable growth, especially in the context of a volatile market economy, which is affected by the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During searching, approaching and selecting investment projects, Fibo Capital Vietnam focuses on ability assessment skills of managers and principles in investment terms. The projects to ve chosen to invest are all qualified with good management and operation capabilities, with the potential to achieve the desired results. We focus on long-term projects and sustainable growth, creating surplus value for society, located in key sectors of the economy such as: manufacturing, sustainable agriculture, health care, education.

Fibo Capital Vietnam also prioritizes investing in franchise projects, which have high scalability, own industry business advantages or many other strengths, etc.

Up to now, Fibo Capital Vietnam has been implementing a number of quality projects with great potential for development, demonstrating its investment strategy and philosophy, such as: Phoenix Entrepreneur Project – the foundation of business connection; Nature Key Retreat project – The leading nature-experience accommodation chain in Vietnam in the field of caring and connecting people with nature; The Fusion Real Estate Project (Ba Ria Vung Tau), Chau Cau Market Project (Bac Ninh), …

The Fusion

Nature Key Retreat

Doanh nhân Phượng Hoàng

The evaluation and consideration of projects/enterprises is always compared in the investment perspective system to promptly adjust and make appropriate decisions in each period. This also affirms that Fibo Capital Vietnam Investment Fund has a clear vision and the right investment direction. Based on that, favorable projects/businesses with Fibo Capital Vietnam are always expected to make significant leaps, promoting common development for a prosperous Vietnam.

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