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FIBO CAPITAL VIETNAM. Is a high reputation – diversified company. Our strengths come from the experience and investment bravery inheritance along with diverse experiences in operating and managing different types of businesses.

Fibo Capital Vietnam mission is to deliver a happy and prosperous life to all customers, partners and shareholders. Our investment products always protect capital safety, focus on the intrinsic value of the business, ensure the sustainable growth for investments, create a lot of surplus value for society, aim to improve the quality of life and deliver meaningful values to the community

Vietnam Fibo Capital is proud to be a sustainable destination in investors journey to find and create a life of financial freedom. During the development journey, Vietnam Fibo Capital appreciates and is grateful for your valuable contribution and companion as well as always welcomes the opportunities to cooperate with you in the future!



In 5 years to become an investment financial institution which has a market capitalization of 1 billion USD.


Build an investment community with the aim of prosperity and sustainable growth.

Core values

  • Capital preservation
  • Invest in the intrinsic value of the business
  • Sustainable growth


The Fibo Holdings ecosystem has been built in response to the diverse need of customers, optimize investors’ profits and being flexible to the fluctuations of the times as well as the market economy to create maximum value for each member.

1. FBC – Vietnam Fibo Capital Invesment.

Vietnam Fibo Capital operates in diverse field: Consulting and business restructuring, Investment and project development, Business development strategy consulting, M&A and Enterprise restructuring, Business incubator and Securities investment consulting. Vietnam Fibo Capital is also the organizer and manager of the Doanh Nhan Phuong Hoang program – A platform to connect and train new-generation entrepreneurs.

2. FBS: Fibo Securities Jsc.

Fibo Securities includes: Securities trading, IPO consulting for Doanh Nhan Phuong Hoang program’s award-winning enterprises, Invest and control shares in securities companies.


Fibo CSF is to incubate and invest in seed stage of Doanh Nhan Phuong Hoang potential entrepreneurs, as well as building the Fibo startup ecosystem to accompany the national start-up programs under project 844.

4. Fibo Tech – FBT

Fibo Tech builds a technology platform to connect and support new generation entrepreneurs, as a place to provide capital, resources and business solutions for SMEs & Startups, cooperative investment, connect and launch new technology-related projects as well as incubating technology projects/startups.

5. Fibo Land

Fibo Land develops Real estate projects, ecological models combining with high-tech agriculture, eco-tourism, environment and landscape, holding assets by investing in real estate projects and real estate agents.

6. Fibo Consumer

Fibo Consumer deploys a commerce platform to connect and consume products and services, with the goal of delivering the best quality products to the community, through online channels with utilities.


To become a leading reputable investment fund, each member of Vietnam Fibo Capital must follow a set of standards, be consistent and adhere to those standards in all actions based on the core values and “gene” of the Fibo -ers


Set of core values – Vietnam Fibo Capital

5 Core values are the key to attracting talents, who have aspirations and dreams of creating a career, not just a job, to Fibo. With 5 core values, we wish to clone the Fibo “gene” which contain talent, morality, and great ambition: You bring ROCKS, we transform into DIAMONDS.

1. Honoring family values

Based on the concept: “Family is the cell of the society”, Fibo’s Board of Directors always wishes that every member’s success is associated with the family. Fibo hopes to build an environment that not only to be a place of work, labor and dedication, but also a common home, where we are not just colleagues but relatives of each other, sharing and be the fulcrum for each individual to grow up, serve and dedicate as members of the same family.

2. Success from faith

This value is inspired by the start-up story of Fibo Captain – Chairman Vo Binh Nguyen. To achieve the success, belief is the basis and motivation for the Chairman to realize the ideal and lead the Fibo boat to success. When you have faith, you will radiate a positive energy. That energy will help you be optimistic, overcome all difficulties and pressures. Fibo is always with you in every step, enhance the trust to help you conquer new heights.  You’re going to have some ups and downs, but Fibo will guide you, help you maintain the hope, build ultimate trust and determination to get a glorious career.

3. Freedom to grow

At Fibo, you are free to promote your strengths and abilities, break free from all prejudices and unleash your creativity, thereby creating breakthrough opportunities for yourself. That freedom is guided by directions and ensures unity in the organization. Here, you are also free to advance to build a career, design yourself a disciplined life. Especially, Fibo is committed to helping you create a financial freedom future, you will be able to enjoy unlimited income, build a prosperous and sustainable life.   

4.Deserved reward

The first thing you get in Fibo is knowledge, skills, and experience. No matter who you are, you are valued and tutored constantly to improve your capabilities. Secondly, it’s the personality development. At Fibo, you are always encouraged to become sacrificing, serving and dedicated people, together to promote and creating good relationships. Thirdly, it is mental nourishment. Fibo always cares about the mental health of each member, always trying to create a healthy mental development environment, caring, helping, listening and sharing thoughts and aspirations. In addition, the rewards for Fibo-ers are also shown through specific financial rewards, promotions and attractive welfare policies.

5. Inheritance

All the achievements you have built and devoted to Fibo are not only attached to you during your work at Fibo, but later, when you are financially free, or you want to build a foundation for your children,you have the right to designate this successor under the “Heirs” program at the Fibo Family – A unique program available only at Fibo


Set of “gene” – Fibo -ers

Each member of Fibo own themselves the Fibo “gene” with unique criterias:

1. Enthusiasm

Fibo-ers always carries within ourselves abundant and positive energies, constantly improving and trying our best to complete the assigned work. The enthusiasm of Fibo-ers is shown through their everyday efforts, proving our own capacity and strength. That spirit not only be shown at work but also appears through daily activities. With enthusiasm, Fibo-ers puts our heart into all activities, always being careful in each operation to create successful results.

2. Faith

With a strong belief, Fibo-ers are not afraid face new challenges, overcome obstacles and being enterprising to express ourselves. Because, we all believe that “Having faith will surely succeed”. Fibo-ers puts faith in each job, letting that belief create optimism, motivation, and strength to constantly reap achievements in life and work.

3. Morality

With high professional ethics, Fibo-ers demonstrate integrity, fairness and transparency in handling work, profession and relationships. The ethics of Fibo-ers are not only reflected in the work environment, but also demonstrated in a healthy personal life that does not violate the law and common standards of society. With society, Fibo-ers always aim at humanity, goodwill and kind deeds.

4. Follow

Fibo-ers absolutely comply with the laws and statutes in business. In the working environment, members strictly follow the given regulations and rules, thereby creating consistency in the collective, building a united and strong team. Compliance is a voluntary and self-aware implementation.

5. Responsibility

Fibo-ers always show responsibility to the community, contributing to Vietnam’s economic and financial industry. The members also always carry a common responsibility towards the collective, ready to support and help each other overcome difficulties, solve problems together, thereby creating a united and strong Fibo.


Fibo Capital Vietnam is a diversified company with the strengths which come from the experience and investment bravery inheritance along with diverse experiences in operating and managing different types of businesses.