Fibo Capital Vietnam signed with BLUSAIGON: Elevating Vietnamese brand

On September 20, the investment signing ceremony between Fibo Capital Vietnam Investment Fund and BLUSAIGON Co., Ltd – the runner-up of the “Doanh Nhan Phuong Hoang” program took place successfully, marking an important milestone in promoting the comprehensive development, making BLUSAIGON products a national gift and positioning the brand to reach out to the world.

Mrs. Kieu Ngoan – Deputy General Director and Director of M&A Fibo Capital Vietnam and Mrs. Ton Nu Xuan Quyen – Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors BLUSAIGON sign the investment minutes

Representatives of Fibo Capital Vietnam, BLUSAIGON and guests took photos at the investment signing ceremony

Attending the signing ceremony, there were Mr. Vo Binh Nguyen – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fibo Capital Vietnam, Mrs. Nguyen Khanh Thuy – General Director of Fibo Capital Vietnam, Mrs. Ton Nu Xuan Quyen – Founder and Chairman of BLUSAIGON, Mr. Phan Phuc Thinh – Director of BLUSAIGON, Mrs. Pham Thi Hong Thuy – General Director of Intracom Invest and other guests.

During the signing ceremony, the two sides agreed on the following contents:  Fibo Capital Vietnam invests in BLUSAIGON in the form of capital injection to promote and expand future investment activities on the development momentum of BLUSAIGON, consulting development strategy for BLUSAIGON in the near future and IPO orientation for BLUSAIGON.

Speaking at the Signing Ceremony, Mr. Vo Binh Nguyen – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fibo Capital Vietnam commented: “Investing in BLUSAIGON, Vietnam Fibo Capital expects not only to stop at the story of capital but beyond, we also support businesses in strategic orientation, advice on development steps, business companionship, IPO, etc. Fibo Capital Vietnam will give wings to bringing BLUSAIGON’s products to be the national gifts, expand the BLUSAIGON brand to friends across five continents. This is also an affirmation for the role of “business pedestal” that Fibo Capital Vietnam is aiming for, contributing to creating a sustainable Vietnamese startup environment, bringing many meaningful values to the community.”

On BLUSAIGON’s side, Mrs. Ton Nu Xuan Quyen – Founder/Deputy Director shared: “BLUSAIGON’s mission is to become a national gift in Vietnam and the brand is recognized globally through distinctive – enchanting – proud pearl pen artifacts. In addition to the support to “elevate” the financial and development strategy, the investment signing has a profound meaning because Fibo Capital Vietnam and BLUSAIGON both meet in the “heart” of deep love for the country, wishing to spread the quintessence of national culture to the world through products bearing Vietnamese characteristics. Together, let’s create a miracle called BLUSAIGON.”

As an Investment Fund operating in many fields: Investment and Project Development, Business Development Strategy Consulting, M&A and Corporate Restructuring, Business Incubators and Securities Investment Consulting; Fibo Capital Vietnam aims at the mission “For a happy – prosperity life”. Determining to promote the “business incubator” model, Fibo Capital Vietnam launched the Doanh Nhan Phuong Hoang program – a platform to open the door for Vietnamese businesses to get closer to the investment fund to solve the problem of capital as well as issues of strategic consulting, business model planning, marketing, and IPO orientation.

Participating in the Doanh Nhan Phuong Hoang contest as a startup and excellently won the first runner-up position, but BLUSAIGON has also gone a quarter of a century in the journey of creating pen from mussel shells. Going beyond the usual note-taking function, BLUSAIGON pens are artistic masterpieces made by the hands of Vietnamese artisans. The BLUSAIGON inlaid pens are positioned as a national gift of Vietnam, so that Vietnamese people can proudly give them to international friends and vice versa, foreigners coming to Vietnam will choose BLUSAIGON pens as a meaningful souvenir. Besides, BLUSAIGON is also the business that successfully “closed the deal” with “Shark” Nguyen Thanh Viet, which was signed to invest in April by Intracom Invest company.

The investment signing ceremony between Fibo Capital Vietnam and BLUSAIGON marked an important milestone in the development of both sides. Through a sustainable strategic investment, Fibo Capital Vietnam hopes to accompany BLUSAIGON to bring Vietnamese-branded products far and wide, affirming its position in the Vietnamese and international markets.

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