Fibo Capital Vietnam cooperates with TSC Center (Ministry of Education & Training)

 On April 8, 2022, the cooperation signing ceremony between Fibo Capital Vietnam and the Human Resource Supply and Training Support Center (MOET-TSC), Ministry of Education and Training (Education and Training)  took place successfully, marking an important milestone in creating a diverse and quality startup ecosystem for Vietnamese students.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mrs. Kieu Ngoan – Deputy General Director of Fibo Capital Vietnam shared: “As a start-up incubator, Fibo Capital Vietnam hopes that the two sides will work together to create an comfortable environment. In particular, identifying young people as the main target with creative abilities and strong aspirations, we wish to turn your startup dreams into reality, spread the entrepreneurial spirit wider to contribute to the overall development of the country’s economy”.

During the ceremony, the two sides agreed on the following goals: building a partnership, long-term cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, human resource supply, training. create skills for students; concretize the policy of the Government and the Ministry of Education and Training in cooperation to perform assigned tasks; deploying start-up ecosystem, start-up incubator among students, help students international integration and enhance job search opportunities after graduation.

Accordingly, MOET-TSC will organize and introduce students to practice at Fibo Capital Vietnam as well as other companies in the Fibo Holdings ecosystem; supply human resources with university degree and above for Fibo Capital Vietnam. Besides, Fibo Capital Vietnam will call for investment to develop and deploy  a number of potential student start-up projects that have won high prizes in the national startup idea contest for students. Organized by the Ministry of Education and Training and proposed by MOET-TSC; coordinate to organize startup competitions with the participation of a team of highly qualified experts and judges;…

As an Investment Fund operating in many fields, with the mission of “For a happy and prosperous life”, Fibo Capital Vietnam considers the student startup environment as a potential market. In the current era, when the entrepreneurship movement among young people, especially students, is becoming more and more popular and growing rapidly, Fibo Capital Vietnam identifies that youth needs attention and support to start a business properly right from the first steps on the entrepreneurial journey..

With that in mind, Fibo Capital Vietnam determined to focus on promoting the “start-up incubator” model to comprehensively support and help Vietnamese businesses in general and young start-ups in particular to overcome difficulties.The incubator is the ideal environment for entrepreneurs, especially young people, to realize the fastest business ideas with the least cost. Thereby, Fibo Capital Vietnam hopes to become “corn crops” – a safe haven for young people with entrepreneurial qualities with the spirit of “Phoenix” – dare to think, dare to do, ready confront and overcome difficulties to spread wings in the marketplace.

With strategic cooperation, the two sides expect and believe that they will successfully coordinate to achieve the set goals, build a quality start-up environment, and promote the strong development of projects. Starting a business from students.

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