Chairman of Fibo Capital Vietnam – Mr. Vo Binh Nguyen on VTC1 Talkshow showing his enthusiasm to support and invest in Startup

Becoming a guest in “Ban Tin 22+11” on VTC1 channel of VTC Digital Television, Mr. Vo Binh Nguyen – Chairman of Fibo Capital Vietnam had profound sharing and given his opinions about the investment market as well as the startup environment in Vietnam nowaday, and at the same time expressed the enthusiasm to support and invest, giving wings to startups to rise..

Talkshow “22 + II” of VTC1 channel of VTC Digital Television with the subject: ” Investment trend in Vietnam after Covid19″

Start-up in Vietnamese Market

According to the Singapore Venture Fund Golden Gate Ventures, Vietnam is a “rising star” in the startup industry in Southeast Asia and will become the country with the third largest startup ecosystem in the region by the end of the year 2022.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the market recovered quickly with total investment capital in 2021 reaching $1.3 billion with more than 1,300 successful deals. This is also an emerging year for e-commerce, Food & Beverage, logistics startups.The Vietnamese government also provided many policies to support startups when recently Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam signed a decision approving the “Program to support youth start-ups” for the period 2022 – 2030 with the goal that In the first phase, by 2025, support at least 8,000 young people to start a business, including 1,000 young people to start and innovate. Many domestic and foreign investment funds are also looking for many potential startup models to be ready to “go down”.

As a guest, Mr. Vo Binh Nguyen – Chairman of Fibo Capital Vietnam, identified the challenges and difficulties that startups are facing in the context of economic reconstruction after the pandemic. He also outlined effective and feasible methods for businesses to approach investors to call for capital. The criteria investors are often interested in when choosing to invest in a startup project are also mentioned quite clearly and give businesses a lot of useful information. The trend of multi-sector investment is also one of the “hot” topics of interest and was answered by President Vo Binh Nguyen in the during the Talkshow.

Mr. Vo Binh Nguyen – Chairman of Fibo Capital Vietnam

Doanh nhân Phượng Hoàng – Sân chơi cho Startup Việt 

The Covid-19 pandemic has just passed, the economy is in the recovery phase, but it is also a time when many young domestic businesses face difficulties in capital, operation and market due to Covid-19. In addition to financial resources, many start-up support programs have been born, accompanying startups, sharing with them knowledge, experience, practical skills in business, management, and building an important network system and market exploration for startups and businesses.

In that situtation, Fibo Capital Vietnam has launched the Doanh Nhan Phuong Hoang program – a platform to find, connect and support young entrepreneurs. As the Organizing Committee, the representative of Fibo Capital Vietnam, Mr. Vo Binh Nguyen also raised the difficulties and challenges from the investors themselves. Based on the Doanh Nhan Phuong Hoang program, he also made predictions about investment fields that are of interest and tend to attract a lot of investment capital in the near future.

On the other hand, the Government has recently approved programs to support youth start-ups, which focus on training and fostering basic knowledge for young people about starting a business and developing businesses; supporting young start-ups to access capital sources; building and developing channels to support the distribution and consumption of youth startup products;… This will be an important basis for the domestic startup community to have more motivation to go up. Of course, in the success of Vietnamese startups, the role of investors and start-up investment funds cannot be missed, with their financial potential and business experience, they will contribute to creating an ecosystem. Vietnam’s start-up attitude is increasingly developing and strong, promoting the national economy to grow stronger.

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