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Impressive journey of TOP 10 Phoenix Entrepreneurs


(According to – 10 excellent names that entered the final round of the Phoenix Entrepreneur Contest organized by Fibo Capital Vietnam demonstrate the creativity and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs carrying the “Phoenix gene”. .

Business order is randomly arranged

Diverse fields

Right from the preliminary round, the Phoenix Entrepreneurs contest has received hundreds of applications from all over the country, covering all fields: agriculture, industry, technology, medicine, media, entertainment services, production, education… The top 10 are finally projects in different fields, outstanding in the economy, showing the diversity of the competition, including: agriculture industry, technology, manufacturing, other fields…

In particular, according to the opinion of the Appraisal Board, the applications submitted to participate in the contest are of good quality. It can be seen that, although in the context of Covid-19 having a significant impact on the socio-economic situation, Vietnamese entrepreneurs still aspire to build businesses to bring meaningful contributions to the community. Thereby, the contest also affirms the strong attraction to high-quality projects of many fields.

Pass the rigorous appraisal process
To select the Top 10 to enter the Final Round, the Evaluation Committee and the Organizing Committee combined many forms, including online and in person. Accordingly, each member of the Appraisal Board – reputable economic experts participate in scoring each business separately. Each score sheet from each member of the Evaluation Committee is an expensive basis for aggregating and giving a final score for each project. In addition to the scores, many in-depth roundtable meetings with the purpose of exchanging professional opinions and giving comments and criticisms on businesses were held to specifically evaluate each business.

Not only stopping at private consultation, for finding the Top 10, the Appraisal Board also had follow-up meetings with business representatives to learn more thoroughly and make a deeper assessment of the project. as well as individuals, in order to find the “Phoenix gene” in entrepreneurs representing businesses/startups. In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, all meetings and exchanges are held in strict compliance with epidemic prevention regulations, especially the application of an online form of exchange to ensure safety but still be safe. very objective.

Meet transparent and clear scoring criteria
Right from the announcement and launch of the contest, the Organizing Committee of the Phoenix Entrepreneurs Contest has publicized a set of transparent and clear criteria to serve as a basis for evaluating participating businesses/startups. From clearly defining the required qualities of entrepreneurs carrying the “Phoenix gene”, the Organizing Committee has also set out a set of criteria for entrepreneurs and criteria for businesses. With these specific criteria, the projects participating in the competition are screened for the most comprehensive evaluation.

The scoring system of the Phoenix Entrepreneur Contest

Sharing about taking on the role of a member of the Competition Evaluation Committee, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Thuong, Restructuring and Corporate Governance Specialist said: “This is one of the key projects of Fibo Capital Vietnam. , demonstrating the mission of supporting and raising the level of Vietnamese startups during the period of investment capital for startups globally in general and Vietnam in particular facing many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Hopefully, this year’s contest will be a premise for more businesses to know and participate in the Phoenix Entrepreneur contest in the coming years, creating a meaningful annual “arena” for businesses. Karma”.
The competition of Top 10 Phoenix Entrepreneurs contest promises to witness fierce competition of projects. The contest increasingly clearly shows its role as a platform to connect and promote the development of Vietnamese businesses/startups.