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Experimental business activities – An objective and honest basis in the journey to find the Phoenix Entrepreneur


After the TOP 10 Phoenix Entrepreneurs were announced, the Organizing Committee together with the Appraisal Board had practical experience activities at enterprises. Business trips to localities where businesses operate are the basis through which the Appraisal Board learns about business models, raw material areas, facilities, staff, etc. in order to make specific assessments, compare them with the registration documents and the information provided by the enterprises. 

The first destination in the experimental journey was Ngoc Linh Tu Mo Rong Kon Tum Ginseng Joint Stock Company. The enterprise’s head office is located in Dak To town, Dak To district, Kontum province. Here, business representatives had in-depth discussions about business operations, plans for expansion and development in the near future, etc. Right after the meeting, the delegation also visited directly. Ngoc Linh ginseng garden of the enterprise on the top of Tu Mo Rong. With an area of ​​48 hectares including many perennial ginseng areas (6-12 years old), it is known that the enterprise’s ginseng garden has created jobs for hundreds of local households.

According to the representative of the business, this is a source of ginseng cultivated to supply production activities such as ginseng wine, ginseng tea, ginseng collagen, etc. At the same time, this is also a place to incubate the seeds. , preserve and develop precious ginseng varieties with national treasure. 

The production plant of Ngoc Linh Tu Mo Rong Kon Tum Ginseng Joint Stock Company
Also in the Central Highlands, the delegation of Entrepreneur Phuong Hoang moved to the second location, Dak Lak province, where the “capital” of Vuong Thanh Cong Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. – one of 10 consumer enterprises. final round schedule. With the enthusiastic welcome of Mr. Le Van Vuong – Director of the company, the delegation had interesting and practical experiences. The meeting revolved around the story of making organic coffee, the journey of spreading the brand as well as the difficulties and challenges that businesses are facing. Also in the meeting, representatives of the Evaluation Committee and the Organizing Committee had a chance to taste Vuong Thanh Cong branded products such as coffee beans, coffee wine, coffee shell tea. In particular, the business owner personally led the delegation to visit the coffee garden cultivated according to the organic model, to meet and talk with the farmer households in the cooperative model, Learn about the unit’s purchasing, drying and packaging processes. Mr. Vuong said that the association with farmer households is conducted in a methodical manner, with close supervision to ensure consistency according to the organic process. From the stage of soil improvement to the stages of fertilizing and irrigation, all must strictly comply with the regulations of the business. This is the basis for enterprises to obtain quality input materials before they are put on the market. All must strictly comply with the regulations of the business. This is the basis for businesses to get quality input materials before they are put on the market. All must strictly comply with the regulations of the business. This is the basis for businesses to get quality input materials before they are put on the market. 

The delegation worked at the office of Vuong Thanh Cong Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd
According to the assessment of the delegation, the coffee trees cultivated in the organic direction of Vuong Thanh Cong have good growth and better green leaves than conventional cultivation gardens. Actual observations also show that, in addition to growing coffee, businesses also intertwine with pepper trees, both contributing to improving productivity and creating an ideal shade environment for coffee trees to grow. 

Visit Vuong Thanh Cong’s organic coffee garden
Ending the trip in the Central Highlands, the delegation continued to Binh Thuan to visit the Cordyceps HECTOR factory of Lavite Co., Ltd. The most impressive thing about the business is the closed, rigorous and professional production process. From the research and culture of the fungus to the production, bottling, etc., are carried out in a scientific manner, ensuring the elements of food hygiene and safety. Having experienced 100% of HECTOR’s production process has helped the delegation to have the most authentic assessment of the business. 

The delegation visited HECTOR’s factory Visiting the cordyceps culture process


As part of the series of experimental activities in the TOP 10 Enterprises of Entrepreneur Phuong Hoang, representatives of the Organizing Committee and the Appraisal Board also had a meeting with BLUSAIGON Co., Ltd. Welcomed by founder Ton Nu Xuan Quyen, the delegation had the opportunity to learn about the process of making BLUSAIGON branded inlaid pearl pens. As seen, the enterprise has a fairly large production workshop, combined with a team of young, highly skilled workers. Modern machinery system is the decisive factor contributing to creating sophisticated products. Business representatives also led the delegation to visit the showroom, where to display and introduce products. Located at 129E Nguyen Dinh Chinh, F.8, Phu Nhuan District, City. In Ho Chi Minh City, the showroom is designed in a luxurious and polite style, suitable for the customers that the business is aiming for. 
The delegation visited and worked at BLUSAIGON Co., Ltd. Visited the factory of BLUSAIGON


The last stop on the field trip of Entrepreneur Phuong Hoang is An Giang land with Thien Cam Son mountain range – where the area is planted with musk berries – the raw material for the production of Thao An branded muskmelon tea of ​​Co., Ltd. MTV TMDV Thao An Khang. According to the first impression of the delegation when arriving here, the most impressive point is the majestic natural landscape, fresh climate with rich and diverse vegetation. 

The delegation visited the herbal garden of Thao An Khang on the top of Cam Mountain – An Giang
Ms. Quach Yen Phuong – Director of the business said that Cam Mountain in the Bay Nui region of An Giang province is located at an altitude of over 700m above sea level, with an average humidity of 80%. This is considered an ideal environment for medicinal herbs to live and grow, which is also the basis for her to decide to choose a place to cultivate black musk – a medicinal plant with many useful uses for health. strong. 

Visit Thao An Khang’s factory
During each trip, representatives of the Appraisal Board met with businessmen, understood more about their ideals and ambitions as well as analyzed and assessed the business’ strengths, competitive advantages of products, potential These will be extremely valuable, objective and honest documents from which the Appraisal Board can make appropriate assessments and comments. and give a summary of the final results when selecting the final TOP 3.